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Wake up Mama…

…It’s time to shine.


I see you…

You’re tired. You don’t need another pro parenting tip that worked for someone else. You don’t need another forum feed from five years ago that almost answers your question, but not quite. And you certainly don’t need someone telling you how to be a better mom, or a better you.

That’s not what this is about! I believe you already have everything you need to get everything you want. It comes from within, not without. But too often we compartmentalize so much of ourselves, focusing our attention on work or school or home or the kids or our partners, that we have little left over for ourselves.

But we don’t need to wait until we are nearly drained of our energy stores to pay attention to our own needs. We don’t need to write self-care into our daily schedule. We don’t need to daydream about our ideal worlds the moment our heads hit the pillow. Why?

Because we carry our higher self with us every moment. We can access the version of our life that lives in our dreams in little ways every day. We already hold the wisdom we need to be the best we can imagine.

Be a better you, today. You deserve it!